General Transport

Welcome to Lloyd Star Group – World-class General Transport Services provider in Toronto, Canada

General Transport Services Done Right!

Lloyd star group is the leading general transport provider in Toronto and caters to the clients through Canada and the USA. We provide expert logistic services for all industries and general merchandise. With our 31 years of transport industry experience, we cater to both distributed retailers as well as retail chains. We have our facilities strategically located across Toronto, Canada.

With our full-service logistics services, Lloyd Star is equipped with technical infrastructure and automation to provide unmatched services to our customers. With the extensive knowledge about the logistics services, our team offers a unique advantage for our clients to move the merchandise to the retail stores in the most optimal and effective manner.

Lloyd Star Group offers full range of General Transport services including:

  • Full-service Fulfillment for Distribution & Replenishment
  • Reverse Logistics/Recall Management,
  • E-Commerce, including inventory management, order selection, gift wrapping, shipping and returns
  • Freight Management, including Pool Point Distribution for US based customers

We are passionate about our client’s success. We like to engage with our clients closely to understand their logistics needs and prepare the right strategy considering their business need, supply chain capabilities, and their future requirements.

With Lloyd Star Group you are future-ready. With experience and operational efficiency, we offer superior services to our clients every day and adapt our services to changing needs of tomorrow.

Lloyd Start Group serves clients across Canada

  • Toronto
  • Hamilton
  • Montreal
  • Edmonton
  • Winnipeg
  • Regina
  • Boston
  • New York
  • California
  • Buffalo
  • North Carolina
  • Chicago