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Lloyd Star Group was established in 1967 and over the years has established itself as one of the largest Land, Sea, and Air Logistics solution providers in the region. Started as a family business in 1967 and established itself as a strong player in the United Arab Emirates. The company also has offices in the Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and Pakistan. led by the Chairman Mr. HM Naseem (late). In 2018, Lloyd Star Group expanded its operations to North America and established the office in Greater Toronto Area, led by the Managing Director, Dr. JM Afzal.

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our services

Behind every service we offer, there is a powerful commitment of quality so when you hire from us, you know our product is “Best in class”.

Who we are

Lloyd Star Group delivered major contracts in all sectors, both within Canada and throughout the USA. Our industrial logistics expertise is best in class to the challenging customers’ demands in the region. The company maintains an updated fleet of logistic equipments. The fleet includes famous brands like Volvo, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Kenworth international, and Dodge RAM. Lloyd Star Group understands the need to minimize inconvenience to the customers while maximizing value to its clients. And, we live by our slogan- Your Needs, Our Priority.

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What We Do

We transport abnormal and specialized loads and operate our services round the clock o meet the high demand of our clients and exceed their expectations. In presence of our mechanical support team, we maintain an updated fleet to have smooth and timely operations keeping in view the priorities of our customers. We offer best-in-class Warehousing services, General Transport, and 3PL Solutions.

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To be the most efficient, competent and cautious provider of comprehensive logistic needs of all industries within the region.


To provide easy accessibility to high quality comprehensive logistics solution under one roof.

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Why Us

As one of the premium Canada-based logistics solution providers with operations through the Canada and the USA, Lloyd Star Group has a proven track record of offering quality Warehousing services, General Transport, and 3PL Solutions to our clients. Lloyd star Group is also heavily committed to both social and environmental sustainability in the transport sector. Besides our Sustainable credentials, we have experience in designing custom equipment to optimize life cycle costs.

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